Obtaining GSview and GPL Ghostscript on CD-ROM

This offer is valid until 31 December 2011.

The latest versions of GSview and GPL Ghostscript are available on a CD-R disc for a cost of USD$70, including postage. The CD-ROM will be posted by air mail a few days after receipt of payment.

The disc has over 500Mbytes of data and contains:

To order this CD-ROM with payment by credit card or cheque, either mail or fax the Order Form.

Typewritten orders are preferred. The order form is a plain text file to make this easy. Save the order form then edit it with your favourite text editor.

IMPORTANT: If you pay by cheque, the cheque must be in the local currency of the bank on which it is drawn. That is, a cheque in USA dollars (USD) must be drawn on a USA bank, a cheque in pounds sterling (GBP) must be drawn on a UK bank and a cheque in Australian dollars (AUD) must be drawn on an Australian bank. Many banks outside the USA have an arrangement with a USA bank to allow them to write bank cheques in US dollars drawn on a USA bank. If you want to pay in pounds sterling (GBP), contact me for additional details.

If you have any queries about this offer, or it is after 31 December 2011 and you want to find out if the offer is still valid, please send email to Russell Lang

If you are in Australia and the disc is to be delivered within Australia, please send a cheque for AUD$70 drawn on a bank in Australia.

Note that you can download from the Internet all of the programs on the CD-ROM. The advantages of buying a CD-ROM are:

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Updated 2011-08-28